osâwatsim (yellow horse)

osâwatsim (yellow horse)This work, named for the cree ‘yellow horse’ is a reinterpretation inspired by Da Vinci’s Grand Cavallo. This famous sculpture was never realized during his lifetime. The work is made of onyx and showcases the translucence of this material. Using the natural veining of the material provides the shadows and light which make up the imagery of the horse.  I used a new technique to hold the tiles together using only plant based Eco epoxy and 2 layers of fiberglass cloth.

yellow horse-create

Here it is in production on the light table.

osâwatsim (yellow horse)

The piece is another one that the image comes and goes depending on the lighting and is durable enough to hang outdoors.


Material: Onyx
Tiles Used: 414
Dimensions: 69 x 54 cm
Weight: 20 pounds
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